PUPIL Foods Ltd. is a company operating in the pet food market since 1999 (before that – as PUPIL Ltd. since 1996).

We offer our customers a wide range of dog and cat food, both wet and dry. We supply to over 30 biggest trading and distribution networks. Every year we expand our sales markets in both modern and traditional channels.

PUPIL Foods Ltd. has an established strong position. Not only on Polish market, but also on the international one. We export to: Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, Ukraine, Finland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia, Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka.

PUPIL Foods Ltd. holds two modern production plants:

  • wet food plant in New Skalmierzyce and high bare warehouse of finished products,


  • dry food plant in Odolanów.

Convenient location and warehouse facilities of the plants guarantee fast deliveries. Most of the logistics is performed by professional shipping companies, which were qualified on the basis of quality and safety.

The trust we obtained from our customers is based on strong fundations:

  • all of the raw materials and components used for our pet food production are of the highest quality,
  • professional and experienced staff,
  • we constantly expand our knowledge. We cooperated with Veterinary Institute of Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences and with Warsaw University of Life Sciences,
  • both expert advices and test results are used for new nutritional strategies used in pet food production,
  • we constantly study animal needs in detail and prepare new nutritional strategies based on the research outcomes in order to meet our customers’ needs.

Our policy is love and care for our pets. We are a robust, highly-experienced company whose passion is to cater for the needs of pets and their owners’ expectations. We take every care to apply cutting-edge technology in the production process while at the same time emphasise environmental concern. We invite you to partnership with our friendly and unfailing team open to negotiation and dialogue.


  • 1996 – the onset of PUPIL® products sale
  • 1997 – the introduction of the TEO® brand to the market
  • 1999 – the rise of a new manufactory in Nowe Skalmierzyce city
  • 2009 – the purchase of a modern dry pet food plant in Niedon city
  • December 2011 – putting a new high bare warehouse into service (finished products)
  • Since November 2013 – Headquarters PUPIL Foods Ltd. located in a new office building
  • August 2015 – the rise of a new dry pet food plant in Oldolanów
  • December 2017 – launching of PUPIL Premium® brand dedicated to specialty retailers
  • March 2018 – the rise of a new wet pet food plant in Nowe Skalmierzyce
  • September 2018 – rebranding of TEO® line