By drawing on our heritage, we build the future.

We are a strong company with 100% Polish capital that has been on the market for more than 25 years.

We are built on the stable foundations of tradition and local patriotism.

Thanks to our location in central Poland, we guarantee security of supply to our clients.

We deliver to over 30 of the largest retail and distribution chains. We are constantly expanding our sales markets through contemporary and traditional channels. We export to 25 countries on four continents (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Ukraine, Finland, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Romania, Macedonia, Turkey, Egypt, Morocco, Nigeria, Curacao, Philippines, Japan).

We regularly introduce brands, whose formulas respond to the changing needs of the market and, as specialised products, are dedicated to ever more precisely selected groups of consumers. Customers appreciate our flexible approach to their expectations and our constant development in pursuit of the highest quality, awarding our products many distinctions.

We hold the following international certifications: BRC, ISO 9001, HACCP. Our company owns two factories: wet foods in Nowe Skalmierzyce and dry foods in Odolanów. We are constantly upgrading our production lines, investing in new facilities and with those new workplaces, keeping in mind that behind everything are people. Without people working with commitment and a shared mission, there would be no success.

  • 1996 – sales of PUPIL products begin
  • 1997 – commercial launch of the TEO brand
  • 1999 – new PUPIL Foods Sp. z o.o. factory opens in Nowe Skalmierzyce
  • 2009 – purchase of a state-of-the-art dry food production facility in Niedoń
  • December 2011 – opening of a new high bay warehouse (finished products)
  • August 2012 – opening of an additional state-of-the-art production line for wet foods, doubling production capacity
  • since November 2013, the main office of PUPIL Foods Sp. z o.o. has been located in a new office building
  • August 2015 – opening of a state-of-the-art factory for dry foods in Odolanów
  • December 2017 – launch of the new PUPIL Premium brand dedicated to the pet and specialist markets
  • March 2018 – opening of a state-of-the-art factory for wet foods in Nowe Skalmierzyce
  • June 2018 – introduction of Sport food for active dogs and expansion of the Pupil Premium product range with Lamb flavour
  • September 2018 – rebranding of the TEO brand
  • February 2019 – launch of the Gluten Free line in the Pupil Premium brand
  • May 2019 – launch of Pupil Premium Obesity dry dog food
  • December 2019 – launch of the Pupil Premium Cat Senior brand
  • January 2020 – launch of the PUPIL Prime Quality brand
  • March 2020 – launch of the Fresh Meat line in the Pupil Premium brand
  • May 2020 – launch of the Monoprotein line and Pupil Premium Kitten in the Pupil Premium brand
  • July 2020 – launch of Pupil Premium Gastro Intestinal dry dog food
  • August 2020 – launch of Pupil Premium Calm Care Plus dry food for dogs and cats
  • August 2020 – launch of the Pupil Premium Immunity Care Plus line of dry dog food
  • August 2020 – launch of Pupil Premium Protein Selection Care Plus dry dog food
  • December 2020 – launch of the Pupil Premium All Meat line of wet dog food
  • 2021 – rebranding of the PUPIL Premium brand
  • 2021 – construction of a new wet food production facility in Nowe Skalmierzyce

Our company is not only about the production of food, but also about being active in educational, cultural, promotional and support work. Symposiums, trainings, fairs, exhibitions, charitable activities, sponsoring, patronage – all these activities make up our everyday life and give us, apart from a feeling of satisfaction, evidence that our efforts and work meaningfully enrich our common good.