We care for the environment that we are all part of. Selective waste collection, our own wastewater treatment plant, monitoring of water consumption, monitoring of dust and gas emissions, ecological packaging, printing with non-toxic inks, paper from responsibly harvested wood, and in the near future, the installation of photovoltaic panels – all of this makes up the ABCs of eco-friendly actions taken by Pupil Foods. We also care for bees!

We have our own beehives, and plants that are sources of nectar. Thinking of the common good, we promote environmental awareness on social media.

Our mission is to care for the health and happiness of our pets, so the food we prepare for them is all natural, without artificial additives, colouring or enhancers. Meat, a large portion of which is so important for the natural diet of dogs and cats, vegetables, fruits, cereals and herbs – all these raw ingredients are obtained from friendly local suppliers, from crops and farms located far away from the pollution of large urban areas.


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