Corporate social responsibility

Why do we help? In PUPIL Foods we believe that our help may change our local environment for better! Sustainable development and responsible company are integral parts of PUPIL Foods. Our activities on the Polish market within the scope of corporate business responsibility reflect our willingness to help local communities and animals in need. We participate in charity initiatives, support cultural-entertainment events, sport organisations and animal shelters. We take actions for environmental protection. Responsible management of our processes and pro-ecological attitude minimise negative impact on the natural environment. We carry out regular gas emission tests and thanks to our mechanical- chemical treatment plant we monitor the quality of effluent and water taken.

WASTE SEGREGATION – we know that accumulated packages seriously harm the environment, so we segregate them in the production plants and in the office building. We show that segregating is not difficult! We are supported by a professional and well qualified company which deals with packaging recovery and recycling. Special containers for waste segregation are also placed in our offices.

ELECTRICAL WASTE – is stored in a special place and then submitted to appropriate companies to utilization.

LED LIGHTING – means energy saving as compared with traditional light bulbs. When choosing lighting we think about the environment! Do you know that LED bulbs can be recycled? Yes! They may be re-used. Reduction of energy consumption decreases CO2 emission.

ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION – we have the greatest influence upon the condition of our environment. Let us not forget about it! To take care of our nature, all the time we improve ecological awareness of our employees and partners. We participate in environmental trainings regularly.

HEATING SYSTEM – our company boiler station has been modernised and filters and extraction cyclones are installed. Our aim was to reduce gas and dust emission into the air. Thanks to that the CO2 is much, much lower if compared with other building heating system. Gas and dust emission tests are carried out regularly.

OUR TREATMENT PLANT – in our mechanical-chemical treatment plant technological waste is subject to pre-treatment. Our sewage collection system has also been modernised which reduced effluent formation. All the time we monitor the quality of effluent and water taken.