Taking care of our planet is a primary concern for us. Sustainability is an important goal for PUPIL Foods. Thinking about the common good leads to lifestyle changes. We protect the environment through conscious use of natural resources and by making responsible consumer decisions. Our activities in the area of corporate social responsibility on the Polish market result from our desire to help local communities and animals in need. We are involved in fundraising for charity, support entertainment and cultural events, sports organisations and animal shelters.

WASTE SEGREGATION – We practise selective waste collection. We do so in our production facilities and in our offices. We are supported in this by a professional and qualified company which works in packaging recovery and recycling. We also deposit electronic waste in a specifically designated place and then send it to appropriate companies for proper disposal.

LED LIGHTING – When choosing lighting, we think responsibly about the environment! A traditional 60W incandescent bulb is equivalent to an 8W LED bulb, the life of which is 10 times longer than a traditional bulb. Reducing the energy consumption of incandescent lamps reduces CO2 emissions. On top of that, LED bulbs are recyclable! Aware of the economy of LED lighting, we only use this type of bulb in our production halls and offices.

ENRIVONMENTAL EDUCATION – Out of concern for nature, we are constantly increasing the environmental awareness of our employees and partners. We regularly participate in training sessions on environmental protection, but we also organise events devoted to environmental issues – in this way we extend our education to the outside world.

HEATING – We updated our heating plant by installing filters and dedusting cyclones. Our aim was to reduce the emission of gases and dust into the air. As a result, CO2 emissions are much lower than with other building heating technologies. We carry out regular tests of gas and dust emissions in the air.WATER TREATMENT PLANT – We have commissioned a mechanical and chemical wastewater treatment plant at the factory, where process wastewater is subjected to a pre-treatment process. We have also updated our network of sewers, which has reduced the generation of wastewater. We monitor wastewater quality on an ongoing basis.

PACKAGING, LABELS, CATALOGUES Most of our packaging is recyclable. We have introduced completely biodegradable bulk packaging.

We work with printers who have eliminated 100% of harmful chemicals. Whether you order labels, catalogues or flyers, you can be sure that they are produced using environmentally friendly inks and paper made from FSC-certified, responsibly harvested wood.

WE HELP – We support animal shelters for dogs and cats. Often, our assistance is linked to joint actions on social media. Their wide reach allows us to more effectively point out the problems of animal homelessness, violence against them, as well as the difficult situations of institutions caring for our four-legged friends.

We take an active part in local events to support not only the welfare of pets, but also the health and safety of their owners.

Preschools and schools are our exceptional partners. We support diverse educational programmes, often combined with fun and artistic activities, the effects of which, in the form of beautiful artwork by the children, we are happy to display in our company gallery.

GARDEN AND BEEHIVES – One large tree absorbs as much carbon dioxide as is generated by two single-family homes. On average, a human being uses 170 kilograms of oxygen per year, which is as much as is produced by two medium-sized trees! So we make sure that there is no shortage of trees in our company garden. Mirabelle plums, from which we make delicious jams, have been with us from the beginning, and the number of blossoms is growing year by year. These nectar producing trees have become the perfect environment for our bees! So our own hives are not just something we are proud of, but give us jars of golden honey, too.