The recipe of our food is prepared in compliance with the standards worked out by the specialists of PUPIL Institute of Animal Nutrition. Meals for our four-legged friends are cooked exclusively from natural ingredients, without any artificial additives, preservatives,  food colourings,  flavourings or aromas. Raw materials come only from proven and known over years local suppliers cultivating their crops and breeding their livestock away from large polluted industrial centres.

The Natural line is a cat and dog food offer, which, in addition to its high content of quality meats, is enriched with superfood additives straight from Polish farms. Pumpkin, chokeberry, or flaxseed and chicory extract, are excellent additions to delicious meats such as tender lamb, juicy beef, easy-to-digest turkey and chicken and hypoallergenic rabbit, which are ingredients of the dry dog and cat food recipes.

In wet foods, in addition to the excellent venison and beef, turkey with nutritious duck, tender veal and chicken liver, healthy vegetables greatly enrich the taste. There is also spinach, pumpkin, and psyllium seeds, which are excellent prebiotics supporting the animal’s intestinal function.

Foods in the Natural line are grain free, which is another feature that helps reduce the risk of allergies.

The wet food is served using the ALL Meat formula that is a favourite of both dogs and cats, and it resembles a pâté, with visible chunks of meat and vegetables.

The NATURAL line includes:

  • BEEF & LAMB dry dog food
  • CHICKEN & TURKEY dry dog food
  • TURKEY & DUCK WITH SPINACH wet dog food
  • BEEF & VENISON WITH PUMPKIN wet dog food
  • DUCK & TURKEY dry cat food
  • BEEF & RABBIT dry cat food
  • DUCK & LIVER wet cat food
  • VEAL & CHICKEN LIVER wet cat food

The 100% recyclable packaging of the Natural line is also distinctive, with its graphics reminiscent of countryside landscape drawings done in pen or sepia. All this emphasises and explains why this line is called NATURAL – it is indeed organic and created with care for the environment in mind. Hence the slogan emphasising the brand’s core principles: