The formulas of our foods are prepared according to standards developed by specialists from the PUPIL Institute for Animal Nutrition. We prepare our meals for our four-legged friends using completely natural ingredients, without chemical additives, preservatives, colourings and flavourings or aromas. Raw ingredients are obtained only from local suppliers we have known for years, who grow their crops and raise their livestock far away from the pollution of large urban areas.

The PUPIL PREMIUM line is characterised by a variety of flavours and a wide selection of food for vital and dietary needs. It includes both wet and dry foods.

Dry foods include Fresh Meat (for dogs and cats), Gluten Free (for dogs), Monoprotein (for dogs), Light & Senior (for dogs) AND Sport (for dogs).

Dry special diet foods include Immunity Care Plus (for dogs), Calm Care Plus (for dogs and cats), Protein Selection Care Plus (for dogs), Gastro Intestinal (for dogs) and Obesity (for dogs).

In wet foods, we offer: All Meat (for dogs), tasty morsels in fine light jelly (for dogs and cats) and superb pate in a convenient “one meal” serving (for cats).

Our wide range of foods meets the needs of young, adult and senior animals, and small, medium and large breeds. Pupil Premium means top quality food that is easily digestible. Specialised formulas, enriched with Omega-3 and 6 acids and essential nutrients, provide a complete answer to a range of health problems pets may have.