Pate for dog: rich in chicken with veal; rich in turkey with rabbit; rich in veal with rabbit; rich in beef with poultry liver, rich in chicken with liver, rich in beef with turkey hearts.

PUPIL Premium is a complete and well-balanced wet food for adult dogs. The food provides your dog with all nutrition ingredients. Always fresh raw materials give him health, condition and beautiful appearance.

Alutray MINI 100 g, MEDIUM 150 g, ADULT 300 g

Wet dog food (chunks in jelly): rich in chicken with beef; rich in chicken with liver; rich in turkey with lamb; rich in beef with hearts.

PUPIL Premium is a complete wet food properly balanced for adult dogs’s diet. Carefully selected nutrients provide the necessary portion of energy for your dog.

Can 415 g

Can 1250 g

Dry dog food: MINI rich in chicken; MEDIUM rich in chicken, LARGE rich in chicken.

Package 850 g, 1,6 kg

Package 3 kg, 10 kg, 12 kg

Dry dog food: JUNIOR rich in beef; GRAIN FREE rich in salmon; SPORT rich in beef.

Package 12 kg