Dog paté: rich in poultry; rich in beef.

Paté TEO is a complete meat diet containing the high quality of animal protein. A gluten-free product, made of 100% natural ingredients, without any artificial colors and chemical preservatives. Properly balanced formula supports the immunity, ensures the proper condition of skin coat, bones and maintains teeth and gums in optimal health.

Paté MINI 150 g; 300 g

4-pack of sachets for dog: 2 x rich in poultry + 2 x rich in beef.

Teo is a completed and balanced wet food designed for adult dogs. All the ingredients are natural. Carefully selected components and a properly balanced recipe, developed under the supervision of specialists, guarantees the health and well-being of your pet. TEO is a complete and tasty meal that can be a good source of nutrients for your dog.

Sachet 4 x 100 g, two tastes .

Wet dog food (chunks in gravy): JUNIOR rich in poultry; rich in poultry; rich in beef.

Can 415 g

Can 850 g

Can 1250 g

Dry pet food for dog: rich in poultry; rich in beef.

TEO dog food is carefully created from high-quality plant and animal origin raw materials enriched in minerals and vitamins. The right balance of ingredients in TEO maintains your dog in good health and condition. TEO wet dog food provides the optimal level of protein, fat, vitamins and minerals for your dog.

Package MINI 1,5 kg; 1 kg

Package 2,7 kg, 9 kg, 15 kg

Sausage for dog: rich in poultry; rich in beef.

TEO is well-balanced pet food designed for adult dogs. It contains 80% of meat and animal by products.

Weight 450 g, 900 g