Quality and safety of the dog and cat food are the two of the most important values in PUPIL Foods Ltd. We spent many years going the knowledge and experience which can be confirmed by the following international certificates:

  • BRC (British Retail Consortium) Certification.
  • ISO 9001 Quality management Certificate, which we obtained in July, 2006.
  • HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) System Certificate issued by BSJ. System is based on risk analysis and critical control points.

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HACCP Book and Quality Book were developed in reference to the systems mentioned above. The whole production process is described in there its phases and control techniques , the raw materials additives and packages test all the way to the final products.

The qualified suppliers list is carefully prepared based on the quality and safety of the supplied products and is being verified in case of non-compliance. All employees are familiar with the quality policy and undergo a training in this respect. This enables the effective quality control and constant improvement of the existing system. The guarantee of high quality of our products is the safety of customers.

We use the most up-to-date knowledge about nutrition, which combined together with advanced technology gives the result of most attractive products, both in respect of quality and price. Our quality control system is hermetic. High production standards and collaboration with research centers, such as Veterinary Cathedral of the Wroclaw University of Environmental and Live Sciences and Warsaw University of Life Sciences, gives confidence of highest quality. We continue to improve the quality of our products. We constantly explore the needs of animals and on this basis we prepare new detailed nutritional solutions meeting the expectations of our clients.