“Green Lungs of Poland” – Warmia and Mazury, full of forests, lakes and clean air, are the perfect place to relax, take your time, draw energy from the generous resources of Mother Nature. These are also excellent areas for cattle breeding or fishing. Well, where, if not in these vast green meadows and in crystal clear water.

The meat from the heart of the virgin pasture is 100% animal protein in our feed/food. Thanks to it, our dogs and cats eat in accordance with the nutritional needs, which remain unchanged many years after their wild ancestors, maintaining an optimal diet for their health. The necessary nutritional values obtained from fresh, top-quality meat make our food not only care for the quality of life of our four-legged friends, but simply tasty for them!

Fish caught in the natural environment of the green waters of Warmia and Mazury are a real richness of unsaturated acids, in particular Omega-3. They are also great source of vitamins and minerals and well absorbed protein. Thanks to these benefits, our pet has shiny coat and strong nails. Our fish are fresh, juicy and cold like the depths of rivers and lakes from which Jarosław from Kaborn near Olsztyn catches them for us.

Podkarpackie is a kingdom of landscape parks, clean air and excellent cuisine. Hence, local breeders know very well what is good. From there, therefore, we obtain the best free-range poultry, which delicate meat full of necessary protein ideally cares for pets with a sensitive digestive tract, while providing a large amount of B vitamins, Omega-3 and Omega-6 acids and valuable minerals.

In the Łódź Province, Stefan from Poddębice breeds happy chickens, whose eggs full of high quality protein, vitamins, lutein and biotin go to our feed, thus caring for the nervous system and brain activity of our pets.

Orderly Wielkopolska is known for its moderate climate favorable to arable crops, but also for order and solid work. It is a land full of fertile land with excellent hosts. It is products from their fields and gardens that go to both petfood and on our tables, because we make sure that everything that our dogs and cats eat is genuinely natural and healthy, so we choose for them what we would reach for ourselves.

Polish potato varieties with high disease resistance, good-quality, full of valuable nutrients, vitamins and minerals, have anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties, are easily digestible and are a great enrichment in diets for dogs being allergic to gluten. Mirosław has been providing us for many years with fresh potato tubers growing in ideal climate and soil conditions, smelling of ventilated soil and real passion.

The tender, crispy carrot is rich in antioxidants, vitamins and dietary fiber necessary for the proper functioning of your pet’s intestines. These wonderfully juicy and healthy vegetables without preservatives, but full of sunlit carotene are provided by Maciej from Brudzewa.

Cereals are the main source of energy, carbohydrates and dietary fiber having a beneficial effect on intestinal motility. Greater Poland fields are bending from full crops of golden grains. One of our farmer friends is Marcin from Bobrowniki. His cereals getting to our pet food in optimal proportion for the animal, become an invaluable ingredient in healthy diet.