The idea behind creating dog and cat food is to give health to Your pets, which, as we all know, belong to a family. Healthy food is very much about properly selected raw materials, grown with expertise and professionally prepared for production.

We choose raw materials grown on local farms, located in regions of fertile soil and clean air. Experienced farmers deal with livestock, crop and potatoes husbandry. They pass their knowledge and passion from generation to generation.

All over Poland we look for certified farms supplying healthy crops, vegetables and livestock of high quality.

We obtain the raw materials mainly from: Lower Silesia, Malopolska region, Warmia and Masuria, Opolszczyzna region and Pomerania.


Crops that we use come from individual farms of Lower Silesia, the region of fertile soils and mild climate that aids agriculture. Farmers keep to a minimum the use of chemical fertilizers and they care for natural environment and landscape protection.

Potatoes we bring from Great Poland (the middle west part of the country). Extensive farming allows to minimize the chemical protection and help healthy, product of high quality.

Poultry comes mainly from Podkarpackie region from family farms, where birds are fed with healthy food. The province is known for its mineral water sources and clean air. Industry is based to a large extent on natural resources.

The region of Warmia and Masuria as well as Podlasie province are called “Green Lungs of Poland”. This functional area of lakes and deep forests gives the possibility to grow cattle that is the source of healthy, meat of high quality.

Every stage of production, the whole process from raw materials to the final product undergo scrupulous control carried by our trained and experienced stuff.