When creating foods for dogs and cats we are inspired by the idea of preserving good health and wellbeing of your pets, who, as we know, are members of your family.  Healthy food depends to a large extent on property selected raw materials, professional cultivation and production preparation.

We select raw materials coming only from Polish local farms, from the area of rich soil and fresh air.

Experienced farmers are involved in breeding pigs, poultry, cattle and cultivating cereals and potatoes, who pass their passion and skills from generation to generation.

We seek all over Poland farms offering healthy products with appropriate certificates to prove their quality.

Raw materials come mostly from: Lower Silesia, Lesser Poland, Warmia and Masuria, Opole Province and Pomerania.


Cereals are imported mostly from Lower Silesia, where they are grown on not very big individual farms. Due to its high ecological value, favourable climate, long period of vegetation and excellent soil, cereal production is one on the main agricultural activities in Lower Silesia. Farmers reduce to minimum application of fertilizers and crop protection chemicals which only help to preserve the natural environment and landscape.

Potatoes come from our Greater Poland located in the mid-western region of our country, the region of diverse landscape covered with numerous lakes and National Parks. The lowland topography, moderate climate as well as knowledge and experience of cultivation, care and storage can guarantee obtaining tasty, healthy and, first of all, nutritious crops. Carefully selected varieties of high disease resistance reduce the need for chemical protection. In consequence, healthy food is created, which is highly valued all over the world.

Subcarpathia is the region most of our poultry comes from.

Among forests, lakes and in fresh air, cattle is raised in Warmia and Masuria and Podlasie. This not much contaminated region, called „Green Lungs of Poland” is a sanctuary, escape for people from stress and everyday hurry and it also is a perfect place to breed animals from which we get healthy and high value meat.

A careful control carried out by our experienced personnel and audits of our suppliers accompany each stage of obtaining and preparing raw materials for our production.