We treat you as a partner, inviting you to participate, asking for your opinion, listening to your desires and needs. This way, we get to know each other and like each other more every day… that’s how it goes in life.

We have more and more tools to communicate and we like to use them. Here’s where you can meet us:


This is our latest communication channel. In a characteristic manner for this medium — we wink at you… casually, although not without an educational thread. Well, we hope that we are balancing good taste.


It’s a channel where we speak to you, respecting your time. In a busy world, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find a moment to read, yet the desire to acquire knowledge and find out what is going on has not disappeared. Hence the convenient podcast format. While driving, preparing dinner, cleaning, going shopping… or just for the sheer pleasure of relaxing with your eyes closed, you can now listen to what you don’t have time to read on our blog.

A handful of knowledge with good taste

This is the name of the series from which you will learn a lot about the health and care of dogs and cats. We also have breed descriptions and lots of interesting facts about pets for you.

But that’s not all. We also invite you to listen to yet another type of recording… these in turn we have titled:

Talking about life with good taste

These are meetings with interesting people, not interviews, but rather nice chats over coffee. We like to learn from wiser people and listen to people with passion. So we have before us an inexhaustible source of stories about fates, adventures, opinions, emotions… In the background, of course, our beloved pets, although they are not always the only reason for discussion.

Podcasts are like conversations around the family table where, as well as having a healthy and delicious meal, we have time to ourselves to share and exchange good feelings.


In two places you can seek advice or satisfy your curiosity about dog and cat nutrition and care.


The blog on this platform has been around for many years, so you’ll find a real wealth of information that will surely be useful to you. It is a place frequently visited by our customers, so you too are warmly welcome.


It is a young and excellently developing communication channel. The association with the English expression ‘fall in love’ is absolutely intentional. Fall in love with Folk — that’s what we encourage you to do. FOLK is our latest brand, whose philosophy is to live with good taste.

It’s not just fantastic food for dogs and cats, but a philosophy of life, an aesthetic of everyday life and that’s exactly what you’ll feel when you visit us at fallinfolk.pl. You can read here not only about pets, but also about inspiration and beauty… If you want to immerse yourself in the space of wonderfully abstract views of life, delight in the kaleidoscope of trifles that make up the not insignificant everyday life — we invite you to the lifestyle section, where you can simply relax.


Just as you can find blog content with us in two places, on FB we contact you through two channels. Pupilkarma and fallinfolk — they are separate entities, but consistent in message.

They differ a bit, of course: pupilkarma is the profile of our online shop, hence you can find there a lot about the different products.

Fallinfolk, on the other hand, regards exclusively the FOLK brand and devotes a lot of space to its ambassadors, Fela the cat and Lego the dog.

However, in both of these places you will find news, trivia, serious and humorous topics. Regular competitions on both profiles are extremely popular, giving us the pleasure of making you happy, stimulating your imagination and encouraging you to take concrete action. This is how we inspire each other, which is what it’s all about — co-creation.


Again — pupilkarma and fallinfolk. Here too, we have a daily dose of eye-catching announcements and regular competitions for you. There you will also see our canine and feline ambassadors.


Our food recipes are based on research carried out by the independent Pupil Institute for Animal Nutrition, on behalf of which annual scientific symposia are held. It is on our YouTube channel that you can watch coverage of these meetings, as well as listen to lectures by our experts. Several seasons of the series are also posted on this platform: “Pet health starts in the bowl”, in which Eng. Olga Lasek, PhD — specialist in dog and cat nutrition, answers questions from our observers.

Just visit us

So whichever door you drop in at, make yourself comfortable and you’ll probably stay for longer… who knows, maybe you’ll settle in permanently? We invite you to feast together in the heart of our home — at a shared table. Be sure to bring your dogs and cats along. Simply put — join our family! We will be delighted.